Tips to Prevent Omnipod Errors

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We’ve been using these 3 simple tips with our Omnipod and though we still experience the occasional bad pod, these tips have significantly reduced pod errors.

    1. Rotate Your Sites: Since you have to change your pod every three days, it is important to rotate through a number of different pod sites.  We have 4 sites that we prefer – each side of belly and each side of upper buttocks.  In addition we rotate having the cannula facing out or in, so in effect we have 8 different placements.  This ensures that our son doesn’t create any hard tissue where we place the pod.  Such hard tissue can affect the ability of the pod to release insulin.
    2. Pinch When Inserting The Cannula: We always pinch the skin around the cannula when it is about to insert into the skin.  This helps to ensure the cannula is inserted into the skin layer and not down into muscle.  Not only does inserting into muscle really hurt, but it also will cause a blockage of insulin and likely bend the cannula, thus causing an error.
    3. Insulin At Room Temperature: We store our insulin in our refrigerator.  Not entirely sure this is needed or not, but we’ve just gotten into that habit.  However, we store our pods in a cupboard at room temperature.  Because the two items are at different temperatures, when we add the insulin to the pod we’ve sometimes experienced immediate errors.  Nothing like destroying a pod before you even get to use it.  Now what we do is either leave the insulin out for 30 minutes before injecting it into the pod or simply hold it in our hands for a few moments to bring the temperature down.  This seems to have eliminated these early errors.

Are there other tips that we should be following?  We still certainly get the occasional error but we haven’t yet figured out why.

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